“Vintage” in Italian

If you do a lot of “antiquing” online it is very useful to know how to say “vintage” in Italian: d’epoca. This literally means “of the period.” The best thing is that you don’t need to modify this word so it “agrees” with a noun of a given gender and number! Sometimes all you would need is to add a certain brand’s name to get a listing of items for sale or perhaps photos of what you are trying to find.  It might help to know a little bit of Italian to come up with a plural. For example, you can use “Vespe” for “Vespas” or “telephoni” for “telephons.” But I would guess that in most cases you will get good results either way. Here are some examples of how “d’epoca” can be used (“period” and “old” were sometimes for translations, but you get the gist):

auto d’epoca – period car

residenza d’epoca – period residence

residenze d’epoca – period residences

vespe d’epoca – period “Vespas”

veicoli d’epoca – vintage vehicles

veicolo d’epoca – vintage vehicle

usato d’epoca – used vintage

villa d’epoca – old villa

ville d’epoca – old villas

vestiti d’epoca – period cloathing

spider d’epoca – vintage “Spider”

poster d’epoca – vintage poster

telefoni d’epoca – vintage telephones

porte d’epoca – period doors

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