Views of Italy on your iPad – timelapsed

As LCD screens become cheaper and cheaper one can be certain that ambient video will be gaining popularity. This trend is just starting, but there are already some nice apps for iPad. The best one, in my opinion, is Magic Window. I usually connect the iPad to a large TV and this particular app fills the entire screen. The cool thing about Magic Window is that it uses time-lapse photography, and the speed can be controlled inside the program. You can see a day go by in some totally different place on Earth, as if you indeed have a magic window in your living room. I also got an expansion pack with some views of Europe and unsurprisingly Italy is featured in it quite extensively: Tuscany (my favorite), Rome, Florence (Ponte Vecchio, as pictured above), Venice, Pisa. The footage for the app seems to be from, so if you are only interested in views of Italy you can probably buy some photographs there to use however you please.

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