Most ancient and prestigious universities in Italy

Italian universities are not as well known as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Sorbonne, but many of them are quite old. I have compiled a list of the most famous universities in Italy.

Pavia – The University of Pavia was officially established in 1361, however a law school in Pavia existed since 825.

University of Salerno – Originally a medical school (as early as the 10th century).

University of Bologna – One of the oldest universities in Western Europe, was founded as a law school at the end of the 11th century.

University of Padua – Founded in 1222, as an offspring of the University of Bologna.

University of Pisa – Established in 1343, this university has been known for successes in natural sciences.

University of Naples – Founded in 1224, primarily concentrates on arts, history and law.

University of Rome – Founded by the Pope in 1303.

University of Florence – Founded in 1349.

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