Top 9 restaurants in Italy

OK, the idea is, of course, that you can add a #10 to this list. Italians are truly passionate about food. As a result, there are probably not that many restaurants in Italy that are not considered by their owners to be the best of the best. The fine establishments listed here are simply some of the most visible Italian restaurants. In many cases you will have to pay a premium to eat there, just because the places are so popular. If all you want is authentic Italian eating experience, you need to do some work: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every day, everywhere.

Checchino dal 1887 – This Rome restaurant features la cucina povera (food for the poor), comfort food delicacies, if you will.

Enoteca Capranica – Think of this restaurant as one of the oldest wine cellars in Rome that serves exceptional Mediterranean food.

La Pergola – This restaurant at Cavalieri Hilton in Rome has exceptional food, extraordinary interiors and fantastic views of the city.

Imago (Hotel Hassler in Rome) – This establishment is described as a panoramic restaurant.

Cibrèo (Florence) – This restaurant features many dishes based antique recipes.

Osteria da Fiore (Venice) – Housed in an old Venetian tavern, this restaurant is known for its seafood dishes.

Cracco Peck (Milan) – The restaurant built its reputation of innovative recipes by the chef Carlo Cracco.

Il Desco (Verona) – A blend of traditional and modern elements in the heart of Verona

George’s of the Grand Hotel Parker (Naples) – Contemporary Mediterranean cuisine.

San Pietro (Positano) – A luxury hotel restaurant with spectacular ocean views.


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