Tempar church in Isana

church_isanaNot far from Livorno, Italy there is a small village called Isano, the site of a former Knights Templar commandery, dating as far back as 1208. The area has a rich history and the Order is featured in many local legends, often revolving around the themes of healing and supernatural intervention. The location of the currently standing church in Isana was supposedly revealed by Virgin Mary to a young girl, deaf-mute from birth. The girl was also miraculously given the capacity to speak. This helped convince her mother along with provincial ecclesiastical authorities that the new church had been divinely sanctioned. However, the church’s construction was met with fierce opposition from the Devil. He ensured that the building process took as long as possible by harassing the workers and stifling the flow of funds. Locals say that when the church was finally ready and consecrated by the archbishop the gathered crowd heard a loud bang and saw plumes of smoke rising near the bell tower. The Devil had to escape from the newly built house of God, leaving an irregularly shaped hole in the wall, which can be seen until this day.

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