Slowear: preserving Italy’s heritage

Slowear is quite likely the best Italian luxury label you have never heard of. The company pays very little attention to marketing, instead it remains focused on preserving the great traditions of Italy’s textile industry and tailoring. Slowear is technically a constellation of several Italian brands: Incotex, which exclusively manufactures trousers, Zanone, which concentrates on knitwear, Montedoro which is responsible for outerwear, and Glanshirt (wanna guess what this one makes?). Slowear‘s take on fashion is unusual, but very appealing to men and women who understand the value of timeless design concepts. These products could have been worn in the 1950s and they will look just as good decades from now. Much attention is payed to detail and the quality of all the materials. It is no secret that Slowear is somewhat inspired by the “slow food” concept. Although it is difficult to draw up a mission statement that would circumscribe both “slowear” and “slow food,”  I would suggest that the key to understanding this phenomenon is in respectful appreciation for the necessities of life. When applied to clothing, this principle means that true quality of craftsmanship and design have the power to liberate us from the fleeting fashions of post-modernity.

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