Perugina baci – Italian kisses for Valentine’s day

The trademark blue color of Perugina chocolates will for sure stand out among the usual red gamut of Valentine’s day candy! “Baci” means “kisses” and the taste of Perugina is suitably sensuous and sweet. Each Baci chocolate comes wrapped in a love note written in four languages, describing the wonderful and often tumultuous course of love. Here are some examples of these little gems:

La magia del primo amore sta nel non sapere che esso puo’ finire.
First love’s magic is in not knowing that it may end.
La magie du premier amour est de ne pas savoir qu’ il pourra finir.
La magia del primer amor consiste en no saber que este puede terminar.

(Benjamin Disraeli)

Non esiste salvaguardia contro il senso naturale dell’attrazione.
There is no safety-net to protect against attraction.
Il n’existe pas de rempart contre l’attraction naturelle.
No existe proteccion contra el instinto natural de la attraccion.

(A.C. Swinburne).

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