Panerai watches: How to spot a fake?

Panerai is on of the best known luxury watch brands. As a result there are many replicas and imitations that you can find on the market. In many cases these watches are explicitly sold as replicas, which leaves them in a strange gray area, in legal terms (unless they shamelessly use Panerai name and insignia). But if you are trying to get a good deal on an authentic Panerai, watch out (no pun intended). Not being one of the Panerai enthusiasts who, by the way, call themselves paneristi, I was still able to put together some information that can help you spot a fake Panerai watch. Just remember, if it sounds too good to be true… If despite this warning you end up getting a fake, you’re on your own!

1. The price. It’s that simple. You cannot find an authentic Panerai under $1,000 no matter what condition. In most cases, You should be spending upwards of $5,000 (and that would be a real bargain!).

2. Base models are imitated more often. Perhaps, it is easier to convince someone that the watch is authentic when the price is not that different from the list price? Also, base Panerai models don’t have a date window – makes it easier to manufacture the fakes.

3. Fake Panerai watches are sometimes smaller in size than their authentic counterparts. You should be able to check the specks.

4. The crown is often too small/thin.

5. All modern Panerai watches feature anti-reflective coating on the crystal. At certain angles the crystal becomes completely invisible. This technology is not likely to appear in counterfeit watches.

6. An average person should be able to get a good sense of a particular watch’s quality by simply examining the band. Whether it is made of leather of steel, a true Panerai band is a work of art.

7. Many counterfeit Panerai watches are automatic and they have seconds hands located in the center – a relatively rare combination in authentic Panerais.

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