Oldest cafe in Rome

At the end of the 18th century, Italy experienced a period of relative shortage of quality coffee, due to a particularly tumultuous international situation.  This was precisely the time when Caffè Greco, also referred to as Antico Caffè Greco, and established in 1760, built its reputation. As a result, it is now the oldest cafe and bar in Rome. The interior decor is absolutely stunning. Well, maybe there are too many pictures on the walls – famous painters, writers, politicians, celebrities and geniuses of every ilk.  The cafe does have an excuse for this display of canvas and photographic likenesses. After all, most, if not all, of these people either visited or frequented Caffè Greco at some point. The list of customers includes Goethe, Byron, Gogol, Keats, Ibsen, Mendelssohn… The place is not cheap, but it is not to be missed if you are worthy of being added to this illustrious company. The address is 86, Via dei Condotti, Rome.

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