Maserati logo and its meaning

Maserati-Logo-tridentMaserati is a famed Italian manufacturer of luxury cars which was established on December 1, 1914. Although the company is presently owned by F.I.A.T and its headquarters are in Modena, the original birthplace of Maserati was the ancient city of Bologna. It is in Bologna that we also find the explanation for this car maker’s distinctive logo, the trident. On one of the oldest public squares in Bologna, Piazza Maggiore, there is a massive fountain, featuring a statue of Neptune, the Roman god of of freshwater and the seas. The trident that Neptune is wielding in this famous depiction has greatly influenced the emblem that was chosen by Maserati owners. The symbolism behind this logo is perhaps subtle, but besides clearly pointing to the city of origin, the trident is also a emblem of vigour and, in case of Neptune, life giving forces, because this ancient god was known for creating springs of fresh water by striking the ground with this weapon. The legend has it that one of the Maserati brothers, Mario, created this logo at the suggestion of family friend Marquis Diego de Sterlich (one of the original investors).  bologna-neptune

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