Jewelry for an Italian woman: How to choose?

What piece of jewelry should you get for your Italian lady? To be sure, nobody can tell what a woman will like or not like with 100% certainty. The following, however, is based on observations by Pierre Rainero, a market research manager for Cartier. He may be on to something here…

1. Unlike French and Spanish women, Italian ladies are less prone to succumb to group pressure. They are more likely to rely on their own tastes without much regard for fashion.

2. It is generally important for an Italian woman to have jewelry that can “move.” Remember that Italians are often very expressive and every detail of a costume, as well as jewelry pieces can be perceived as the extension of the person’s body in every gesture.

4. Italian women tend to pay attention to the curves of the jewel and intricately created shapes of gold. There is often a certain Baroque dimension in Italian jewelry.

5. In rings, fabric-like flow of material is sometimes desired.

6. Unlike some European women, Italian ladies are no so opposed to their jewelry pieces looking expensive and “unreasonable.”

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