Italian toasts

It is a known fact that the English language lacks colorful phrases that one is supposed to use in various social drinking situations. All the more reasons to learn some Italian toasts! Italians seem to have a few toasts that fit every occasion. If you can’t pronounce them right, at least try to appear enthusiastic when hear these phrases.

Alla tua salute! – To your health!
Cin cin! – All things good for you!
Propino tibi! – I drink to you! (this toast is actually in Latin, the language from which modern Italian stems)
Propino tibi salutem! – I drink to your health! (a longer version of the toast above)
Per cent’anni! – One hundred years <of luck to you>!
Auguri! – Best wishes!

Finally, a traditional Italian wedding toast:

Evviva gli sposi! – “Hooray for the newlyweds”

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