Italian toast. Important cultural disambiguation

What is an Italian toast?

italian-toast-french-toastTony Vigorito’s narrator figure in his book “Just a couple of days” makes a heart-felt confession. When growing up in a somewhat Italian household (his father was 1/8th Sicilian on his mother’s side) he believed that the proper name for fried bread (previously sopped in eggs and milk) was Italian toast. Only when Tony was nine years old he saw his world come crashing down after politely asking for another piece of Italian toast at his friend’s house. The ensuing laughter and much shaming promptly taught him that his favorite breakfast meal was universally known as French toast. Years later, Tony understands that there is no toast generally acknowledged as “Italian toast.” Still, it takes a conscious effort on his part to order “French toast” and sometimes he slips… So, waiters and waitresses familiar with Tony’s story know exactly what he means by that.

It seems then that the only thing that should be called Italian toast is the kind of toast that is made while holding a glass of good wine.

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