Italian slang dictionary

After you get to know a particular language just enough it becomes obvious that the way it is spoken by native speakers is different from what you have been taught. Most astonishingly, people use words that you never saw in dictionaries and they use those words a lot! Every well developed language has slang, and Italian is no exception. This Streetwise Italian dictionary/thesaurus will help you master many slang and idiomatic expressions. Many examples are provided.

If you wonder why you should buy this book instead of using some list of Italian slang terms, the answer is pretty straightforward. Once you learn the more colorful ways to say something in a foreign language using them becomes very tempting. This is a sure way to get yourself into embarrassing and even dangerous situations. Of course, my advice is not to use slang at all, if possible. It is already very cool that you actually understand it! But if you must use it, this book takes necessary steps to explain what is appropriate and when.

See also: Italian words in English. A definitive list.

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