Italian cars and co-branded watches

There is a long tradition of  luxury car manufacturers cooperating with luxury watch makers. This is probably a reflection of the mentality that can be summarized: “My watch is more expensive than your car. And you don’t even want to know how much my car costs”.

Italian luxury car companies are by no means opposed to this sort of co-branding.  At the moment, their partnerships stand like this:

Lamborghini – Tonino
Ferrari – Panerai
Maserati – Audemars Piguet

Note that only Ferrari watches are produced by an Italian watch maker. Also, Aston-Martin, a British car manufacturer whose design is very much Italian, proudly displays its logo on  Jaeger LeCoultre watches. When it comes to lower-end Italian cars, the watch brands are not so impressive. In fact, I was unable to find out who makes Fiat watches. But Alfa Romeo seems to work with Chopard.

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