Types of Italian Bread

italian breadAs it is nearly always the case, Italy has many local varieties of bread and bread products. Some may not be very distinctive, while others (take a look at Carta da Musica, for instance) are rather unique. And don’t forget about the cheese!

Banana – Soft, rich Italian bread. Made from a rolled piece of dough into a shaped of a banana. Used mostly for sandwiches.

Barile – A 4-pound loaf of bread made with hard durum wheat. From Apulia.

Biova – Round-shaped, elongated white loaf with added fat (strutto). Biovetta is a term used for smaller loaves.

Bovolo – Venetian snail-shaped bread (hence the name).

Carta da musica – Thin Sardinian bread made without yeast and left to dry. Literally, “music paper”.

Chifel – Crescent-shaped bread made without sugar.

Ciabatta – White Italian bread made with wheat flour and yeast. The name is Italian for ‘slipper’.

Ciriola – A long loaf with a crispy crust a sharp cut in the middle. Originally from Rome.

Civraxiu – Sardinian bread, perhaps the largest loaf in Italy. Prepared with natural yeast, it weighs in at 10 pounds.

Colomba Pasquale – “Easter Dove”. Seasonal dessert bread made with flour, eggs, sugar, yeast and butter. Usually contains candied peel and is topped with pearl sugar and almonds.

Ferrarese – Bread made of very hard dough. Manina ferrarese is shaped like a hand.

Ferro di cavallo – Sicilian bread shaped like a horseshoe.

Filone – Italian version of the French baguette. The word comes from “filo”, Italian for ‘line’.

Frisedda – Doughnut shaped bread from Apulia.

Grissini – Breadstics, originating in Torino. According to a legend, the Savoia family personal doctor gave instructions to a baker on how to make long, thin bread.

Miccone – Lombardian bread, usually sliced.

Michetta – White bread, buldge-shaped and hollow. Similar to maggiolino and tartaruga. Originates in northern Italy, particularly Lombardia.

Mufuletta – Sicilian sesame bread.

Pan frizze – Regional bread from Friuli, made with flour, eggs, cracklings of pork, and salt.

Pandoro – Sweet yeast bread, popular around Christmas time. Originally from Verona.

Pane Casareccio – “Country bread”, crusty and hearty. Many local varieties exist.

Pane di Altamura – Bread made from Durum Wheat. Named after the Altamura area.

Panettone – Sweet bread loaf, originally from Milan.

Ramerino – From Tuscany. This bread is enriched with olive oil and scented with rosemary.

Rosetta – Another term for Michetta bread.

Salino – Northeastern bread with distinctive rock salt on its crust.

Schiacciata – Flat bread with soft porous dough. Originally from Apulia

Sgabeo – Leavened bread dough, cut into strips, fried and salted to be eaten plaine or with chease and cold cuts. Originally from Lunigiana.

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am looking for a recipe believed called Occenti.small loaf sweet flacky bread with slight almond taste and sujgar on top.about 5/6 inches long………….any help appreciated

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