Early color photographs of Italy (circa 1906)

St. Mark's Catedral in Venice, circa 1906.

Russian chemist S.M Prokudin-Gorsky (1863-1944) was a prominent pioneer of color photography. He is mostly known for his collection of stunning images of early 20th-century Russia. In 1906, Prokudin-Gorsky visited Italy and took advantage of the opportunity to take a number of color photographs using his own technique. It is possible that more of these images will eventually surface, but for now I am presenting several photos currently in the collection of the Library of Congress. You can view the images in their original form on the Library’s website. On my site, they are slightly cropped. Very minor image and color correction have been applied. Some of these photographs have been apparently taken in Lugano, Switzerland. I have included them because it is, of course, an Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. Please note that in some cases the locations where the photos have been taken have not yet been determined or confirmed. Larger versions of the images can be found two levels down.

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