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Alfa Romeo vintage photo circa 1932

June 28, 2011

The Alfa Romeo automobile company was founded in 1910. The business had a rather tumultuous history, but it remains one of Italy’s premiere car manufacturers. See also: Italian luxury car brands and national identity

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Panerai watches: How to spot a fake?

June 24, 2011

Panerai is on of the best known luxury watch brands. As a result there are many replicas and imitations that you can find on the market. In many cases these watches are explicitly sold as replicas, which leaves them in a strange gray area, in legal terms (unless they shamelessly use Panerai name and insignia). […]

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Italian luxury car brands and national identity

May 28, 2011

In The luxury strategy: break the rules of marketing to build luxury brands, Jean-Noël Kapferer, Vincent Bastien use a telling diagram which illustrates how luxury car brands fit into a matrix of sorts. I am not going to reproduce the entire diagram here, but the important thing is that “Italian Haute Couture” cars – Lamborghini, […]

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Types of Italian Bread

March 24, 2011

As it is nearly always the case, Italy has many local varieties of bread and bread products. Some may not be very distinctive, while others (take a look at Carta da Musica, for instance) are rather unique. And don’t forget about the cheese! Banana – Soft, rich Italian bread. Made from a rolled piece of […]

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Italian cheese – words and flavors

February 19, 2011

Italy has many  local varieties of cheese that can originate from entire regions or small towns and villages. Some of these products have become internationally known, while some remain relatively obscure. Not all Italian cheeses made this list. Asiago – hard, sharp, crumby and aged cheese made from cow’s milk. Originally produced in the town […]

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Amedei Porcelana — the world’s most expensive chocolate?

February 9, 2011

Amedei Porcelana is sometimes described as the world’s most expensive chocolate. Yet sometimes this claim is disputed. So, what’s really going on? The truth is that nobody can be stopped from putting a ridiculous dollar amount next to a piece of candy. There has to be something other than the price alone that qualifies a […]

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Italian watch brands – names and traditions

January 14, 2011

Striving to find a perfect quality wristwatch? Although Italy is not as well represented on the map of luxury watch manufacturers as Switzerland, Italian watchmaking has its own distinctive traits. Obviously, you can expect that technological traditions of Italy (Northern Italy, especially) ensure that Italian-made watches are every bit as precise and trustworthy as their […]

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Italian leather bags — birth of a legend (or legend of the birth)?

January 13, 2011

I just came across an interesting legend regarding the origins of Italian designer leather bag tradition. It is somewhat puzzling that thus far I cannot find any additional sources for this legend. All I have is an advertisement copy that was published in New York Magazine on Nov 3, 1980. Yet somehow the story rings […]

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Perugina baci – Italian kisses for Valentine’s day

January 5, 2011

The trademark blue color of Perugina chocolates will for sure stand out among the usual red gamut of Valentine’s day candy! “Baci” means “kisses” and the taste of Perugina is suitably sensuous and sweet. Each Baci chocolate comes wrapped in a love note written in four languages, describing the wonderful and often tumultuous course of […]

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Italian chocolate brands

January 5, 2011

Lesly Berger says in “The Gourmet’s Guide to Chocolate”: “If you think Italy can only produce great wine and pasta, wait till you discover their chocolate”. Berger describes Italian chocolate as “smooth, subtle and sophisticated, sweet without being cloying.” The Italian term for chocolate is cioccolato and gianduia refers specifically to the combination of hazelnut […]

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