Vintage car photos: Fiat

June 17, 2011

Very recently, FIAT cars began to be sold aggressively in the US. To honor this development, I have rounded up some vintage photos of (mostly) racing FIATs from the beginning of the 20th century. There is even one FIAT truck. I am not a car enthusiast, so I cannot tell you anything about these presumably […]

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Vintage poster – Italy via St Gothard

May 9, 2011

This is a 1904 French poster by F. Hugo d’Alési, advertising rail road trips to Italy via St Gothard. Notice a rather stereotypical Italian peasant in the foreground.

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Vintage Italian poster for an advertising company

April 30, 2011

A curious piece of advertising for an advertising company based in Milan: Premiata impressa generale d’affissione di A. Montorfano & O. Servizio d’affissioni in tutta Italia ed all’estero – Poster services in all of Italy and abroad. This is definitely one of the stranger angles you will ever see.

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Venetian dancer

April 16, 2011

A rather curious French drawing circa late 16th century, entitled “Danseuse Venitienne” – Venitian dancer. Should I point out the extra tall buskins? One would imagine that dancing in these may not be very easy…

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Seven Hills of Rome

April 9, 2011

Here are some images of the famous Seven Hills of Rome. You will need to go two levels down to see the large  images. There are two images of the Esquiline hill, in case you’re wondering why the seven hills are represented by eight pictures… The time period of the images, judging from the Romanticist […]

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Travel to Italy! Vintage 1890s French posters

April 5, 2011

Tourism already was a big industry in the 1890s. Italy was one of the primary destinations for well-to-do travelers from France, Germany and England. These French vintage posters must have put into the minds of many people the desire to see these amazing views in person.

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Early color photographs of Italy (circa 1906)

January 9, 2011

Russian chemist S.M Prokudin-Gorsky (1863-1944) was a prominent pioneer of color photography. He is mostly known for his collection of stunning images of early 20th-century Russia. In 1906, Prokudin-Gorsky visited Italy and took advantage of the opportunity to take a number of color photographs using his own technique. It is possible that more of these […]

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