Italy: culture, language & customs

Italy is unique, just any other place on Earth is, but not every place on Earth maintains such a powerful image that draws people to it, makes them dream of it and cherish everything it has to offer. In a sense, Italy is the ancestral home of Western civilization. It continues to contribute to the world’s technological progress, but it also preserves in revered safety many traditional values and a way of life that forges continuity between countless centuries of human history. This website is intended to feature Italy’s precious grandeur in every possible aspect: from Italian watches and cars to chocolate, bread and cheese,plusĀ  many curious facts, images, Italian quotes and bits of information. Check the blog for individual entries, or use categories to navigate the site.

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About me:

To put it plainly, I like pretty much anything Italian except the food, but that’s gradually changing! With a degree in Classics (Latin literature in particular), I especially appreciate Italy’s historic heritage.

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